Direct to Garment

Unlike other customization methods, Direct to Garment prints designs directly on to fabric. Often referred to as DTG, this process results in incredibly high resolution designs. The ink used in DTG printers works well on natural fabrics; cotton merchandise is often used.

Advantages of this type of printing are numerous. Below we have shared what we believe to be the two most impressive types.

Precise Printing

Because DTG prints directly from electronic files, the output is extremely crisp and clean; it is truly realistic. Some even describe it is having comparable quality to a photograph. If your artwork includes true-to-life images or is particularly complex; this may be the best choice for your order.

As mentioned, DTG can print directly from your digital files, thus the products you purchase feature exact replicas of your design. The extensive color selection allows us to print multiple shades of the same color and provide you access to a significant range of color options; perhaps more than any other printing method.

Quality Reproduction

Because of the nature of the DTG process, images printed on fabric are extremely long lasting.  In fact, they actually become part of the textile. The printing process truly dies the fabric fibers. Printing done through the DTG process remains vibrant over time; it does not fade or peel. You can expect your logo or message to last as long as the items on it was printed.

Additionally, DTG printing is water-based, which makes it very friendly to the environment. It is an extremely responsible way to produce customized products.

Limited Run Friendly

Because DTG prints directly from electronic files, it does not require screens or plates to be created; thus set up costs are low. This can be extremely valuable for smaller orders; where set up charges may not seem like a worthwhile investment. Sometimes you only need a few items (say shirts for servers as a party). DTG is certainly worth learning about.

In short, Direct to Garment printing produces amazingly clear and exact images. If your logo is complex, if you require very specific color tones or if you are looking for short-run printing options, call us today and ask about this service.