Mugs and Tumblers

Customized products bring value to a broad range of opportunities. Do you own a business? Promotional materials play an important role in sales and marketing. They impact brand awareness and often are the perfect advertising vehicle. Do you work with a club or a team? Branded items bring people together and reinforce relationships. Perhaps you support a charity? Personalized products can enhance recognition, increase understanding and promote your cause.

Choosing the Best Product

Selecting the best product to customize is key! You want something people will use and appreciate, something that will appeal to everyone. Drinkware, including mugs and tumblers, often fits the bill. Let’s face it, these items are appropriate for for most people, we all drink something! Everyone can use a mug or tumbler. Even better, we use them repeatedly! And, they are available at a variety of price points. As such, these items are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to customization.


Mugs are the perfect vessel for hot drinks. Imagine your clients sitting at their breakfast tables sipping hot coffee from a mug imprinted with your logo! Talk about top of mind awareness. Who knows, they may even bring that mug into their offices for use every day. This mug could sit on their desks in full view of their co-workers. What a great advertising opportunity.


Tumblers can be used for either hot or cold drinks; some even have lids and are portable. Your logo or message on an item like this is likely to been seen in all over town. In addition to use in an office (so many people bring their tumblers to work and use them instead of disposable cups), tumblers are the perfect when people are on-the-go! You can fill them with your beverage of choice prior to leaving the house and take them with you as you embark upon your day. Many businesses will even provide a discount when you bring in your own cup! Logos and messaging on tumblers are sure to be seen by many.

Working with the Best Team

At TexThreads, we can assist with the entire customization process from developing a design (using your existing logo or creating something new) to selecting the most appropriate products for your needs. We can help you determine the items that will bring you the most value, taking into account quantities needed, budgets and design specifications. We have access to an array of items in a broad range of colors, sizes and styles.

Our client service professionals are well-versed in all of our products. They understand the most appropriate questions to ask to help determine the best item for each specific situation. Additionally, they will coordinate work between you and our graphic designers; smooth and timely communication is essential. This interaction ensures that all deadlines are met and that you are completely satisfied with the product selection and design.

We understand that your timelines are important; the items you customize are often for specific events. We are committed to working with you to meet all of your deadlines and deliver high quality products that exceed your expectations.

The Value of Customization

Customized mugs and tumblers, and other drinkware, are the perfect way to command attention, reinforce name recognition and even celebrate milestones. Our clients order products for business endeavors, teams, campaigns and conferences. We have even completed projects for weddings and parties!

Looking for the perfect mug or tumbler to customize? Call us today. At TexThreads, we are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with outstanding service. We look forward to helping you with your promotional needs!