Printing Packages

Congratulations! You have recognized the value that customized products can bring to your business or organization. You also understand the enhanced visibility achieved by the customization and distribution of multiple items can increase your organization’s name recognition, something critical to both maintaining and growing your business. And, obviously, you understand that price points can be incredibly favorable when printing packages are developed.

Product Selection

Identifying products to customize and distribute is a first critical step in using promotional products as part of your business plan. You want to ensure the items you choose meet three key objectives.


The items you select as part of your printing package should be attractive to your both your current and prospective clients or members of your team, depending upon their purpose. You also want to customize and distribute items that people will use. Shirts they will wear, mugs from which they will drink, bags they will carry, etc. The goal is to have these items out and about. They should bring value to those to whom you distribute AND be visible to promote your business, organization or cause.

Budget Friendly

Determining your budget is critical, as is understanding the products available at specific price points. When developing a printing package you want to ensure that the items you select will provide you the best exposure possible within a price frame you deem reasonable. In short, you want bang for your buck.


Selecting items that are appropriate for your business, its clients and your general “audience”, is critical. You want the products you choose to be ones that positively represent your organization, its vision and its goals. For example, if you are the owner of a chain of gyms, t-shirts, water bottles and towels may be great choices; while office supplies and candy may be less appropriate.

At TexThreads, we have access to the broadest array of promotional materials. We can print on everything from apparel to pens! Rest assured, you will have an amazing selection from which to choose.

Working with the Best Team

Clearly, there are a lot of decisions to be made. When you work with TexThreads, our customer service specialists will guide you through each one! They know the products and understand specifically what appeals to individual demographic groups. Also, they will work with you on building a package within your budget. There are many versions of similar items at different price points. They will leverage this knowledge to help you select the perfect items at the right price. Finally, they appreciate that each business has an identity to uphold and can help you  choose products that best represent your organization.

The Value of a Printing Package

Printing packages allow you to order multiple items at one time providing a complete array of promotional products for your organization. By purchasing a package you not only save valuable time, you also take advantage of volume discounts. And, by distributing an array of items to your employees or customers you can ensure your logo or message will be seen by many.

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